G’nature = Naturally Good

We combine the very best ingredients from New Zealand and around the world to create the premium ice cream you deserve.


At G’nature we stand proudly on the shoulders of giants. But before we explain we want to share a little bit about our own slice of paradise and a place we call home – a small Waikato town in the north Island of New Zealand called Kerepehi. In 2014 we bought a run-down, disused dairy factory and built our very own state-of-the-art ice cream factory. The dream was to create the most delicious first-class ice cream using the finest local milk and the very best ingredients from around the globe. Our dream became a reality in 2017 when we took our ice cream to the world and guess what? The world loved it! For years it’s been winning awards and wowing ice-cream lovers near and far and now it’s time for every New Zealander to get the chance to indulge in a premium ice cream like no other.

But to truly understand how G’nature was born we need to take you right back to the very beginning. Our story began more than 90 years ago when two American ice-cream-loving cousins, Bud Scheidelman and Alvin Edlin, opened Bud’s Ice Cream store in San Francisco. The pair developed a premium ice cream that took the world by storm. Time Magazine even once described Bud’s Ice Cream as “One of the World’s Best Ice Creams.” To this day the Bud’s brand continues to be a success in the US and it’s also found fame in Asia where it is one of the most highly-prized premium ice creams in China. Now, it’s time for New Zealand to enjoy what the rest of the world has been loving for so many years. Using tried-and-tested recipes handed down from our forebears is what makes G’nature ice cream so special. That and the fact we add in our own very special natural ingredient – the world’s best milk and cream from our own backyard.


Quality ice cream comes from high-quality ingredients and we pride ourselves on only using the very best. In fact, we travel to some of the most far-flung corners of the globe to source the finest ingredients on the planet. Part of the reason our vanilla ice cream is prized is because we use premium vanilla beans sourced exclusively from Madagascar. Why Madagascar? Put simply, it’s because they grow the best vanilla in the world. Same with our chocolate – only the best will do which is why we source the finest chocolate in the world direct from Belgium in the Netherlands. Our cocoa powder is ethically farmed in Ghana and the USA is where we buy the sweetest dried cranberries. All of the ingredients we use in our ice cream are 100% natural and don’t contain any artificial colourings or flavours which is another reason we only use milk and cream from local farms. And it’s these superior ingredients that make our ice cream so silky smooth and delicious. Our recipes may have been handed down through the generations and perfected over the years, but the real secret to our success is that G’nature is a perfect blend of nature’s finest ingredients from New Zealand and around the world served up in each and every scoop.


Our people are important to us and when our parent company, Allied Faxi Food Co Ltd purchased the old Kerepehi Dairy Factory, we were delighted to give a dot of a town, tucked away between Ngatea and Paeroa on State Highway 2 a little love. The original dairy factory that had long ceased operations had been a constant reminder to the locals that their tiny town was struggling. We’re delighted to have played a small part in Kerepehi’s resurgence and provide jobs where there were none. Some of our wonderful staff had also worked at the original dairy factory (that still stands on our site) and we are thrilled to have them with us doing what they love once again. Our staff are grass roots Kiwis and their experience and connection to the land is another integral part of our success. Together we like to think globally and act locally.


We don’t like blowing our own trumpet but we are pretty proud to have taken out gold and silver awards at the 22nd International Ice Cream Awards in 2018 held right here in New Zealand. To date we have accrued many more awards but we’d rather you decide how great our ice cream is – the proof really is in the tasting.

Life never tasted so good